My Professional Career

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the work I’ve done over the years.

You can also check out a copy of my resume here.

Salambo Productions

2018 – 2021

Character Designer
Created character concepts and cleaned and refined the designs for animation. Worked with animators to make sure the characters could animate properly. Also created a few objects and 3D elements.

– Character concepts based on sketches
– Clean and organize characters for animation
– Export files for cutout animation
– Created over 100 hand assets in ToonBoom Harmony
– Created and animated 3D elements

UX Magicians

2016 – 2017, 2020 – 2021

UI Designer/ Icon Artist
Created icons and UI Layouts in Photoshop and Illustrator for a number of apps and mobile games.

– Icon design and updates
– Create varying UI Layouts and polished elements

Mad Snow Studios


Illustrator/ 3D Artist
Worked a number of small contracts for a variety of different projects. I modeled demo characters in Zbrush and 3Ds max for a potential animated show, as well as created simple animation storyboards for an NFL app.

– Modeled, textured, posed, and rendered characters
– Character design sketches
– Storyboarding
– Logo Design

Fuel Industries

2013 – 2017

Illustrator & 3D/ Texture Artist
Worked on a wide variety of media projects ranging from IPs to licensed brands including Dreamworks, Disney, Barbie, McDonald’s, Salesfore, Nascar, and NFL. I’ve had roles in all parts of production, from creating concept sketches and wireframes for pitches, to asset creation and integration. The projects were primarily apps and games for mobile, but I’ve also worked on websites, 2d and 3d animated projects, live-action commercials, and AR and VR experiences.

– Character Design
– Concept Art
– Storyboarding
– Wireframes
– Icon and logo design
– Finished Illustrations
– 3D modeling (low and high poly)
– 3D Texturing
– Asset integration in Unity and Unreal
– Blueprint and Game Object creation and editing



Illustrator/ Graphic Designer
Was the primary illustrator for a personalized children’s books start up. I also assisted with creating web assets and other graphical needs.

– Character Design
– Illustrations for customizable storybooks
– Design for booklets and pamphlets



Icon Artist
Designed and illustrated a wide variety of unique icons for a small Facebook app.

– Created icons in a variety of styles

Tales of a Drunken Paladin

2011,  2016

I redrew custom game portraits based on existing portraits and small sprites. Also created cutscene images for key game moments.

– Character Portraits
– Cutscene Images

Super Oskar


Comic Artist
Created a short comic for kids teaching environmental safety. Created illustrations based on a given script, as well as cover art and stickers.

– Created a comic and a number of other illustrations for other uses

Algonquin Public School


Co-op at an elementary school where I worked with kids, but also created teaching aids to help them learn.

– Created colouring sheets and teaching aids