Hi! My name is Farisai Makuto,

I’m an illustrator and 3D artist.
Originating from Thunder Bay, Ontario, I attended college for Multimedia Production. I studied several subjects including film, video editing, photography, programming, animation, graphic design, and web design. After graduating in 2013, I moved to Ottawa, where I worked as an Illustrator/3D Artist/Texture Artist for about 4 years. In 2017, I moved to Montréal while doing freelance work. In 2018 I started as a character designer at Salambo Productions where I’ve had the joy of creating a huge variety of characters and still dip my toes into the occasional 3D task.

I’ve also done work for children’s books, icons and UI designs for a number of apps and games, and some storyboarding. When I have the time, I like travelling, making props and costumes, and playing more video and tabletop games than I probably should.

Software I’ve worked with:

– Photoshop
– Illustrator
– InDesign
– ToonBoom Harmony
– Flash
– Zbrush
– 3ds Max
– Maya
– Blender
– Unity
– Unreal

Click here to see my resume.